7 Things to Avoid if You Want to Stay Fit Into Your 50’s

It seems hard to avoid the stories of athletes excelling far past what was always considered to be their prime and correlate that with the aches and pains we often feel in our daily lives. It doesn’t mean that they are super human; it simply means that they have found the key to staying fit into their 50’s.

Keeping that in mind, here are 7 things that you should avoid if you want to stay fit into your 50’s. These tips have been shared by Lorne Marr, a frequent contributor to the media outlets. Lorne’s health and fitness blog fit after 45 educates men how to stay healthy in any age.

1. Limiting Yourself

It’s important that you don’t limit yourself to just a handful of activities. By trying different things and varying what you do when you are being active, you can increase your level of fitness. It is all too easy to view a fitness regime that has worked in the past as a be all and end all, but there are so many ways to be active and get fit. By doing various exercises and activities, you will see better results. Science, health and fitness are constantly evolving, so make sure that you are learning and adapting with those evolutions.

2. Don’t Ignore Your Brain

While training your body is important, don’t ignore your brain. Mental training is very beneficial to your overall fitness. By keeping your brain sharp, you are able to improve your reflexes, reaction time and the overall communication between your brain, your limbs, and your muscles. Don’t just train your body, train your brain as well.

3. Letting Sickness Stop You

As we get older, illness becomes an inevitability, and it may stop you completely from exercising or being fit. This doesn’t mean that you need to work out just as hard when you are sick, it means that you need to learn how to adjust your workouts regardless of your physical health. With consistency being key when it comes to being fit, you need to find ways to stop illness from interrupting your consistency.

4. Ignoring Flexibility

Age has a nasty habit of inhibiting flexibility, and a lack of flexibility can lead to a whole host of issues when it comes to staying fit. Poor posture can lead to a decreased lung capacity, stiffness and tightness can lead to pain and serious injury. Be sure to incorporate activities that focus on increasing your flexibility like yoga, pilates or stretching.

5. Not Protecting Your Back

As we age, the muscles in our back become increasingly more important and ignoring those muscles or not protecting them properly can lead you to become one of those hunched over oldsters- that’s nobody’s ideal scenario!  Focusing on proper form when working out and focusing on the muscles that surround the spine are crucial. This can improve your posture and give you the strength and ability that can help you out in all areas of strength training.

6. Not Valuing Nutrition

Nutrition is the key to…well everything! What we put into our bodies has a greater effect on our overall health and fitness than anything else. Therefore, when trying to get fit or stay fit, nutrition needs to be a large piece of the pie and as you get older, it becomes even more important. Greater levels of fatigue, high blood pressure, weight gain and elevated cholesterol are all detrimental to getting and staying fit and are all directly tied to your diet. Keep track of what you are eating and focus on clean, whole foods. Avoid salt, which, beyond its effects on organs like kidneys and liver, can also cause swelling in joints and can interfere with your work outs.

7. Pushing Too Hard

This tip cannot be stressed enough. All too often, people of any age decide it’s time to get fit, and they charge forward as hard as they can and throw their entire self into it. While you can admire the dauntlessness of this approach, it can be detrimental to actually achieving your goals because it is very likely to cause injury. Fitness is a slow burn. It is a marathon and not a sprint, so you need to start slow and work your way up. This can help to limit the possibility of injury, and as we all have come to realize, the little injuries last longer and can often lead to larger more serious injuries.

Staying fit into your 50’s may seem like a daunting task, but the reality is that it remains something that is completely achievable and worthwhile. So rather than be envious of those marathon and triathlon runners in their 50’s and 60’s, start taking the small steps in that direction and see what your body can accomplish.

If you like these tips, you can following Lorne Marr on Twitter.


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